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Development, activity, cooperation

Secretariat for Youth

Development, activity, cooperation

Secretariat for Youth

Development, activity, cooperation

Secretariat for Youth



We invite youth and youth workers to the workshops provided by our facility few times a year: as a part of the Warsztatowe Piątki project (Workshop Fridays), Aktywuj Ferie project (Activate Your Wintertime Holidays), Aktywne Wakacje project (Active Summer Holidays). We also prepare workshops as a part of special events.
The activities are conducted through active methods of learning and base on the rules of informal education. The usual duration of a workshop is three hours. The participation in the workshops in free of charge.
We offer also workshops ran by the employees of Secretariat for Youth designed for youth groups, including youth councils of cities and municipalities, youth non-governmental organizations and student councils from Westpomeranian Region

Workshop options for youth

Youth City Councils, non-governmental organizations and student councils.
Secretariat for Youth of the Westpomeranian Region regularly conducts workshops, trainings and meetings which help youth to develop their competencies and skills. Our training includes lessons with the elements of informal education and active methods of learning which strengthen the involvement of participants. The informal education is based on experience and achievements of the participants. The proposed topics will prove useful to both pupils as well as youth council or youth group working together on a social or cultural project. The usual duration of one meeting is three hours. If needed, we can adjust the length of the lesson to fit your needs. The classes can be organized for a group of min. 10 people (and max. 25).

How does the youth council operates
This training is designed for the youth councils of cities and municipalities, as well as for groups of young people eager to establish a council. The training introduces basic information concerning the framework of youth council operations and the role youth councils serve in their local community. During the training, we will discuss together what actions can be undertaken by youth councils and we will create their plan. The participants will also become familiar with basic information concerning recognizing the needs of young people.

Project-based learning
Most useful method of learning is learning by doing – for example, by implementing a jointly planned project. What is a project and what differentiate it from ongoing efforts? During the training, the participants shall discover, how to conduct the analysis of the community needs, how to set goals, plan actions and carry out a proper evaluation. They will prepare to jointly execute a project and govern over it together.

Cooperation within a group
How to work together? Exercises and games will let the participants to become familiar with each other and work more efficiently. Aside from gaining teamwork experience, we will discuss what is needed in order to create a well-functioning, effective team.

Creativity – to unleash new ideas
What is creativity? How to awaken it in yourself? During the workshops, the participants will learn about various methods of creative education, implementing new projects and introducing unconventional solutions. They will have the opportunity to experience on themselves, what are the methods used in the process of developing ideas.

The workshops can be ran either in our facility or in your city. To set the workshops date (Mon-Fri) and place, fill in the application form attached below. The application form should be sent to

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